Dropped Object Protection

An Introduction to Dropped Object Protection

Working at height continues to represent a major safety management challenge for health and safety professionals.  However, increasingly, it is not just "people falling" that represent a danger.

A total of 19 people died as a direct consequence of a fall from a height during the period 2013/14 in Great Britain: over 20% of total fatalities.  Suprisingly however, an additional 13 people died in the same period as a consequence of being hit by a falling object: over 14% of total fatalities.

This makes dropped objects from a height the second biggest workplace killer.  Dropped objects were also responsible for 1,877 major injuries for the same period, and caused over 714,000 lost work hours.

Consequently it is necessary to implement a Dropped Object Prevention Plan and procure equipment to tether objects that are likely to be dropped to the user. To meet this requirement we stock a range of suitable tethers.  We have additionally shown below S.T.A.R.T. plan.




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